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The flavours of traditional Trentino cuisine

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A taste of Trentino

Gourmet cuisine

Our guesthouse and vineyard is in Trentino, in the Alps. This is a land of plenty, giving us outstanding produce, ingredients par excellence which make traditional Trentino cuisine so special. We will introduce you to some of our finest products with unmissable tastings!

Lake Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil

Thanks to the Lake Garda micro climate, we have been producing DOP Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil for more than 30 years. A product which reflects the character of the region, perfect for dressing all kinds of dishes or simply savouring with a slice of bread.

Wines from Cantina Toblino

Every year, the harmony of the people and the land gives birth to superb red and white wines from Cantina Toblino cooperative winery. When you drink a glass of Cantina Toblino wine, you can almost taste the incredible level of care and attention that goes into tending to the vines, as well as the focus on quality and an unconditional love for the final product.

Carne salada

Carne salada is a type of cured beef, seasoned with juniper berries and rosemary, that is traditionally served in very thin slices. It originates from Tenno, a pretty little village above Riva del Garda. Carne salada can be eaten raw as carpaccio with a drizzle of olive oil or, more traditionally, it can also be lightly sautéed and served with “fasoi” (beans, usually borlotti)

Fish from the lakes

Our guesthouse is in the Valle dei Laghi, the “valley of lakes”, close to the world famous Lake Garda and the lesser known lakes of Cavedine, Toblino and Tenno. These lakes are teeming with fish, particularly trout and Arctic char. Not to be missed.

Chestnuts from Drena

Drena Drena is a small village 6 km from Dro and is known for its famous chestnuts. With their sweet, intense flavour, dark brown colour and shiny, heart-shaped appearance, Drena chestnuts are the star of numerous autumn festivals and traditional Trentino dishes.


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